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Carney Punts When Asked About Obama's Credibility

During today’s White House presser, Fox’s Ed Henry grilled Jay Carney about President Obama’s credibility. Carney did what he does best/worst, dismissing serious questions that go to the heart of the administration in an unserious way, demeaning everyone along the way.

Henry led off, asking, “You keep saying this is only 5%. Earlier in the briefing you said, you know, I understand there were mistakes with the website, we own that, etc., etc. Isn’t this more though? Isn’t it about — it’s been said the president’s words matter but also his credibility with the american people. Even if it’s only involving 5% of the american people, still millions of people. Doesn’t his credibility matter?”

Carney’s non-response: “Again, it’s a portion of the 5%. For precision sake but what I can tell you is that the president campaigned on, argued for, signed into law the Affordable Care Act.”

Way to not impart a single piece of new information. Everyone knows that the president campaigned on and signed the ACA into law. The question is, why did he lie, and does his credibility even matter to him?

Carney continued: “What he’s focused on when it comes to what he believes is right for the American people, what he ran on, what he ran for re-election on is on health insurance reform, it sets minimum standards of coverage. It allows for access for every american to quality afford annual health coverage.”

None of which actually answered the question. Jay Carney and his boss still think everyone in the media and everyone watching them twist day after day is too stupid to keep up.

Watch the video: