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Daniel Hannan With The Headline Of The Day, Maybe The Year

Is there a creature in discovered space more close-minded than a self-conscious liberal?

It’s good (bad?) to know that “liberal” isn’t just a horrible misnomer on this side of the pond. The always fun to read Hannan is talking about British politics and media here but it is fairly simple to find the parallels. This one struck me the most:

None of this would matter if Mr Portes were not regularly trotted out, especially by the BBC, as representing some sort of neutral position. I’ve remarked before on how the most effective bias often comes in how studio guests are introduced: “Joining us now are Mr Blue, a Right-wing controversialist, and Mr Red, a distinguished academic…”

This is an ongoing problem in the MSM here as well. Conservatives are always described as such while liberals and progressives are just plain folk.