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Commentary Mag: Ron Paul Is Rand's Jeremiah Wright

Sort of.

That is something his father could never have dreamed of achieving. It is far from clear that Rand can make the next leap from a factional leader to someone who could actually win the nomination and make a credible challenge for the White House. But there is no comparison between Ron’s crazy-uncle-in-the-attic image and the niche that Rand has carved out for himself in the center ring of the American political circus. The ease with which he has bridged the gap between the libertarian fringe and the Republican mainstream has been impressive. But one of the things that made it possible was Ron’s absence from the political stage. The question for Rand and his followers is whether that will continue and if the political baggage of his father’s extremism will start to handicap what must be considered a very realistic shot at winning the GOP nod in 2016.

The big difference, of course, is that it was only the conservatives in media who talked about Jeremiah Wright negatively during the 2008 campaign. As with virtually everything else (Bill Ayers, anyone?!?!?), The Idiot King got a free pass.

You can rest assured that the MSM is going to mention the elder Paul in almost every story about his son once crunch time hits.