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Egypt Burns, Obama Makes Waffles

And the press coddles him. This headline is from Reuters:

Analysis: U.S. walks careful Egypt line; some see mixed messages

By canceling a military exercise with Egypt but not cutting off U.S. aid, President Barack Obama sought on Thursday to show his displeasure at the Egyptian army’s violent crackdown on protesters – without totally alienating the generals.

Obama announced the move a day after at least 623 people were killed, according to Egypt’s Health Ministry, as troops and police used force against protesters seeking the return of President Mohamed Mursi, who was toppled by the military on July 3.

Critics argued that Obama had done too little, too late and that his administration has repeatedly sent mixed messages – among them its failure to brand Mursi’s ouster a military coup – thereby eroding its ability to influence events.

It has been well established by now that the only people President Obama has no qualms whatsoever about alienating are American citizens who didn’t vote for him. What his supporters like to call a deliberate approach to rapidly developing events in a certain part of the world is more than likely just paralysis due to never having had much of a grasp of the situation in the first place.