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Petition Demands White House Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Group

Egyptians have long been frustrated with President Obama and his administration for backing Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood as they’ve protested the once-banned group’s abuses and negative impact on their country.

Now Egyptians are employing the petition system that the White House set up to air grievances and request policy changes.

A petition to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization needs many more signatures to hit the 100,000 threshold to require an automatic response from the administration:

Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of violent killings & terrorizing opponents. Also MB has direct ties with most terrorist groups like Hamas.

A book by one of their prominent figures, Sayyid Qutb, called Ma’alim fi-l-Tariq is the bible for many terrorist groups.

The Muslim Brotherhood has shown in the past few days that it is willing to engage in violence and killing of innocent civilians in order to invoke fear in the hearts of its opponents. This is terrorism.

We ask the US government to declare MB as a terrorist group for a safer future for all of us.

Here’s the petition if you’d like to add to the Egyptians’ voices.