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Bill Ayers: Obama Is A War Criminal

Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, an Obama supporter, thinks the president is guilty of war crimes.  In a discussion with Real Clear Politics’ Tom Bevan and Charlie Stone during Morning Commute, Ayers noted how Obama is no better than Johnson and Nixon. And that he should be put on trial for war crimes in the Hague over his drone policy.  Jessica Chasmar at the Washington Times writes that: 

while he [Ayers] still likes President Obama personally, he deserves “a failing grade” on the presidency and should be tried for war crimes.


“Every president in this century should be on trial for war crimes. Every one of them goes into an office dripping with blood, and adds to it. And yes I think that these are war crimes, that these are acts of terror,” [said Ayers.]

Ok, the every president has blood on his hands remark is debatable, but it’s a bit amusing that an unrepentant radical views Obama as a war criminal.  After all, it’s coming from a guy who set off a bomb in the Pentagon.  Yet, he’s an authority on what’s ethical and moral within the realm of international relations? What’s odd is that Ayers feels that Obama hasn’t moved away from his centrist roots as a politician  He likes that the president is curious. Additionally, Ayers fawned over the fact that Obama asks questions, reads, and wants to know things. It’s a weird area concerning the growing discontent with President Obama and his presidency.

We have a terrorist, who thinks the president is a war criminal, but feels that he isn’t letting the country down.

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