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Finally We Have Gender Diversity...

Joanne Chesimard, perhaps better known as “Assata Shakur,” was convicted in 1977 of murdering New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster four years earlier. A member of the so-called Black Liberation Army, Chesimard was sprung from jail by her radical friends and fled to Cuba, the land of milk and honey. The New York Times reports that the FBI has now placed her on the agency’s notorious Most Wanted list. “She became the first woman named to the list, and only the second domestic terrorist, the agency said,” according to the Times.

In a world where most violent crime is committed by males, it is nice to see that the FBI is embracing progressive standards of diversity and equality by putting a woman on their Most Wanted list. This is a glorious day for progress and social justice. For years, women have had to endure the FBI’s sexist glass ceiling imposed on the Most Wanted list; this is a step toward ensuring a more proportional representation on that list.

According to Lennox S. Hinds, a professor of “criminal justice” at Rutgers, however, “There is no evidence that she in fact either caused the death or was involved in the shooting of the state trooper.”

“The attempt at this point by the New Jersey State Police to characterize her as a terrorist is designed to inflame the public who may be unfamiliar with the facts,” said Professor Hinds, who clearly opposes the FBI’s new policy of progressive diversity and equality.

Mr. Foerster could not be reached for comment.