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Ron Paul's New "Institute" Includes 9/11 Truthers

Not that anyone should care too much, but Ron Paul has started a “foreign policy institute” called the “Institute for Peace and Prosperity.” (If you oppose it, therefore, you’re against Peace and Prosperity!) Be sure to brace yourselves for hard-hitting analyses from the Charles Lindbergh-Noam Chomsky wing of the libertarian movement, which, as this article from The Daily Caller demonstrates, will compose a chunk of the institute’s “academic board.”

Since surviving in a radical movement means continually adopting increasingly more radical positions, it’s not surprising that this “academic board” features several 9/11 Truthers. After all, the Truth is out there, folks, and what better way to obtain it than to listen to those who think that the CIA/George Bush/Ariel Sharon/ExxonMobil/a race of lizards took down the World Trade Center?

That Daily Caller article is interesting for another reason. As you’ll notice, the comments section has been completely hijacked by Ron Paul’s Red Guards. When they smell the blood of a wounded neocon, they come a-swimmin’ in from all corners of the Internet. Go have a look.