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So, American "Meddling" Creates Terror?

Now that an Islamist terror plot has been exposed in friendly ol’ Canada, do you think that certain Deep Thinkers will relinquish the theory that U.S. foreign policy creates terrorism? Of course not. This is about as central to their worldview as anti-psychiatry is to the Scientologists. They’re not about to ditch such a convenient meta-narrative in the face of mounting counter-evidence. That would be positively un-radical.

People who actually pay attention to international affairs, and who read more than one news source, know that Islamist terror is not confined to American targets. Hell, the vast majority of targets are non-American. Mosques in Iraq. Tourist sites in Bali. Mumbai. Madrid. London. Argentina. Algeria. Etc. ad nauseum. Are these Deep Thinkers so Americocentric they think everything is about us and us alone?

Well, they might reply, U.S. foreign policy might not be the cause of all terror, but it is a cause of some terror.. In that case, I urge that they turn to a wonderful collection called The Al Qaeda Reader, edited by Raymond Ibrahim. Mr. Ibrahim demonstrates that our foes love to talk out of both sides of their mouths. When the propaganda is directed to Western audiences, it’s all about anti-imperialism, woe-is-me theatrics. The willing recipients of this message are the useful (and useless) idiots in the West. When the terrorists talk amongst themselves, however, the message conveyed through internal memos and letters is one of pure religious fanaticism.

Dupes will always be dupes, especially if they want to be duped.