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The Leftist Media Project to Destroy Ted Cruz has Begun

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has gotten off to a swift, commanding start in Washington. He is already a headline generator, and showing himself to be a first-rate leader.

Apparently some people have a problem with this.

So this morning on Morning Joe, the crew mocked Cruz for saying that it bothers him that Chuck Hagel, the man whom Obama wants to be the next defense secretary, has been endorsed by Iran.

It’s a true statement. Iran has welcomed Hagel’s nomination. Hagel, in the past, has called for engagement with Iran, direct engagement. He is also supportive of slashing the US defense budget. These are both things that the mullahcracy support. This should concern all Americans.

Yet the alleged Republican Joe Scarborough and his amen chorus rip Cruz, not Hagel.

As DaTechGuy notes, this was Ted Cruz’s “evil empire” moment.

The simple power of being willing to say the truth aloud in the face of MSM critique is exactly the trait that the GOP needs the most. It is the trait that Ronald Reagan had and the MSM hated him for it. That Reganesque trait in Ted Cruz, a rising Hispanic star in the GOP, is why MSNBC in general and Morning Joe in particular are dedicated to destroying him.

Indeed. What the leftist media cannot refute or dismiss, they must try to destroy.

Ted Cruz is only a freshman in Washington, just 42 years old, and as a brilliant conservative Hispanic, is an existential threat to the media-Democrat establishment. The media’s smarmy war against him is going to go on for decades.