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More HuffPo Readers Who Support Mass Murder

Earlier today, I linked to a Huffington Post article concerning Christopher Dorner’s “manifesto” that he wrote to justify the slaughter, and continued slaughter, of Los Angeles citizens. I wrote that a majority of Huffington Post commenters were openly supportive of mass murder. Here is more pro-mass murder sentiment from HuffPo readers.

sweetnancy44 belies her name with this:
“Even though I disagree with his solution, I understand why this man saw no other way to vindicate himself from the wrong that was done to him. Even though I am a white woman, he and I are very much alike in our opinions and beliefs. I think when we are wronged we may wish we could harm the person that wronged us. However, I am very disappointed that this man chose to harm the child of one of his “targets.’”

Oh, she’s “disappointed.” And how kind of her to assuage our moral concerns by opting to “disagree” with his solution. One must exercise one’s right to redress grievances, after all.

One Mr. David Ramirez, designated a “Super User” by HuffPo, writes:
“I agree with practically everything this man wrote in his manifesto. Very impressive guy. He lost a great future by being overcome with anger. He should have just let it go. He could have done much better in life than being an LAPD Officer.”

Very impressive, indeed, Mr. Ramirez. I put it to Mr. Ramirez: Would you continue to think Mr. Dorner “impressive” if the latter decided to target you?

“He is a product of his environmnet and training. This man was a police officer and a professional soldier. He was trained to use violence to resolve conflicts. LAPD is just reaping what it has sown.”
kokonutgrl reveals her credulity:
“I believe him…”

He stands for the truth to be told
He stands for Justice for the innocent victims who have been wronged.”

And she even makes it a free-verse poem. Note her excellent stanza structure.

John Hall 2, another “Super User”:
“It’s tragic to see what appears to be a good person believing he now must do evil for real or imagined injustices.”

I don’t know how many “good” people Mr. Hall knows, but in his view there is now one less in the world.

These comments all come from the same article to which I linked earlier. I have checked other articles on Dorner and have seen similar pro-murder sentiments. It is, of course, to be expected that this man would have supporters, much as a serial killer has his coterie of panty-flinging girls outside the prison on execution day.

I would bet my Mickey Mantle card that all of this support derives from the idiotic mental state induced in people whenever the subject of race comes anywhere near a topic. Dorner is black, and so is Good by definition. Thus all his seemingly bad actions must be explained, in the manner of the practice of theodicy, to our own moral failings rather than his.