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Dallas Morning News Headline Implies that Sen. Ted Cruz Hasn't Voted Yet In His Senate Career

Today the Dallas Morning News’ Todd Gillman ran a brief piece on Sen. Ted Cruz with this headline:

Sen. Ted Cruz’s perfect voting record: 0-11 so far

So what, Cruz gets in the press alot, but isn’t actually casting any votes?

Not quite.

Freshman Sen. Ted Cruz has hit the ground running, as we’ve been spilled copious amounts of ink documenting.

But there’s one thing the Texas Republican hasn’t done in his whirlwind inaugural month in Congress: find himself on the winning side of a single vote.

He’s voting. He just hasn’t been on the winning side of any votes yet. The Washington Times’ headline is more accurate.

Cruz 0-for-11 in Senate and proud of it

Cruz is in the GOP minority in the Senate. It’s not shocking that he has been on the losing end of the first few votes in a body controlled by the opposition. Cruz isn’t in Washington to rubber stamp whatever Harry Reid wants, he’s there to represent Texas. So far, he’s 100% on that.