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"How'm I doin?"

Over the next few days, I will try to write more about the legacy of the late New York Mayor Ed Koch. For now, if you know only one fact about Koch, let it be the following from his New York Times obituary:

“He said, for example, that busing and racial quotas had done more to divide the races than to achieve integration, and that Jews would be “crazy” to vote for the Rev. Jesse Jackson in his 1988 presidential campaign after Mr. Jackson’s 1984 reference to New York as “Hymietown” and his call for a Palestinian homeland in Israel.”

Radicals always hated Koch for his refusal to pander to the race lobby, the Israel haters, and the PC media hand-wringers. Apart from the Founding Fathers, he is one of the few honest politicians I can name off the top of my head.