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Marx and Hagel

Apparently there is at least one “Jewish lobby” that Chuck Hagel is willing to tolerate: the Mossad. In front of me is a copy of a new book on the Israeli secret service that I’m in the middle of reviewing. I realized only last night that on the back cover are laudatory blurbs from Shimon Peres and–that’s right–former Senator Chuck Hagel.

Hagel’s remark is as follows: “Mossad reads like a spectacular spy novel, and contains the real stories from one of the world’s premiere [sic] intelligence agencies. It’s worth reading.”

The book is in no way “anti-Zionist” in tone. Quite the opposite. Hagel, then, seems an odd choice for a blurb, no? Was this a small step taken to beef up Hagel’s “pro-Israel” credentials? Is Hagel lying or confused? The blurb does not enthusiastically praise the Mossad, but describing something as premier is complimentary. So, to wrap up: AIPAC is a “Jewish lobby”; Mossad is a premier agency. Will Hagel apologists use this quote as part of his published record of “support” for Israel?