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Biden 'Felt a Little Badly' for Romney During Last Night's Debate

Vice President Joe Biden hit ABC, NBC, and CBS last night to stump for his boss’ foreign policy credentials post-debate — even though President Obama noted to Mitt Romney “even some in my own party, including my current vice president, had the same critique as you did” of the operation to get Osama bin Laden.

Biden charged that Romney “demonstrated an overwhelming lack of understanding in the international community” last night.

“As I said, he’s a nice guy and was a great businessman but I don’t — he — I mean my guess is, again, I’m not a pollster and I’m — I’m — I’m out of my depth here, but I would be dumbfounded if day and two and three and five and six days from now they thought that he had demonstrated a command of the international circumstances, America’s vision of the world, that he was — be a credible Commander in Chief,” the veep said on NBC.

On ABC, Biden said he “felt a little badly” for Romney “because it’s clear he is not — he is not ready to be the commander in chief of the United States military.”

“He demonstrated the lack of sophistication, about what’s going on in the world. His rapid change in his positions.”

On CBS, Biden — like the debate itself — turned to domestic policy.

“There’s still — there’s a great deal of hope and change. We’re also talking about the fact that 41 states, the unemployment rate has gone down,” he said. “…And it’s totally appropriate to point out that Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan have moved their positions drastically.”

“Massive cuts in domestic spending, significant increases in tax cuts for the wealthy, and now — and now they’re saying, no-no-no, no-no-no, that’s not who we are. I think it’s totally legitimate to say that — who are you?”