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Washington DC's 'Nonpartisan' Board of Elections and Ethics Tweets Liberal Attack on Republican Senator, Then Deletes It

Here’s where the tweet was, screen captured because they were sure to delete it. And they have.

The link, before a government official deleted the publicly owned tweet, went to a typically mendacious attack by the leftwing Talking Points Memo blog.

Lots of questions arise from this simple tweet.

Are workers at the Washington DC Board of Elections and Ethics not busy enough at work, that they have time to troll for leftist blogs?

Should the workers at the Washington DC Board of Elections and Ethics weigh in on and takes sides in elections in Massachusetts?

Is the DC Board of Elections and Ethics fair, or is it partisan? Given that it is a board of elections (and ethics), that question may be the most important.

Somebody needs to get fired, but I’ll be surprised if that happens.

Update: I called up the DC Board of Elections and Ethics. I asked for and was directed to the public relations department. I asked about the tweet and a very courteous and professional woman told me that the twitter account had been “compromised” and that the tweet had been taken down. I asked if she was saying that the Board’s feed had been hacked, and she replied “As I said, the account was compromised, and the passwords have been changed.”

I didn’t get the chance to ask if anyone had been or would be fired over the incident. The PR staffer went quickly off the line.

h/t Dana Loesch