The PJ Tatler

The Teflon President

Reuters is reporting that President Obama is picking up a more significant lead against Mitt Romney in the polls, even after that horrendous jobs report, released after the Democratic National Convention, that showed unemployment fell only because more people have stopped looking for work.

I’m sure many of you have reached the point where you simply don’t know what to say anymore. The president could come out on stage riding a unicycle, juggling pink rubber balls, circus whistles piped in on the loudspeakers, and tell everyone that unemployment is actually zero and, by the way, he’s spending another trillion dollars on failed companies and non-existent infrastructure. The press wouldn’t bat an eye; instead, they’d fact-check a claim by Romney about how he ate a Big Mac in 1988, when he really ate a Quarter Pounder (they have the old wrappers in a New Jersey landfill to prove it)! Then they’d note that Paul Ryan once wore a tie that was the same color as one worn by George Wallace, so that must be coded racism!