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'Pasty White' Dunn Lives in 'Frighteningly White' Town

In my last post, I pointed out the hip, edgy bigotry of HuffPo status-seeker Geoffrey “Pasty White” Dunn, who described Carmel, California, as “frighteningly white” to prove how hip and edgy and intelligent he is to his cultured readers. In light of some spirited comments from fine readers, including Fail Burton, I feel it’s important to point out that Dunn lives in frighteningly white Santa Cruz, California, where the 2010 Census puts whites at 74.5% of the population. Blacks, the lack of whose presence in Carmel made Dunn pasty white with anger, make up a mere 1.8% of Dunn’s community. Since whites account for 57.6% of the California population at large, and blacks 6.2%, Santa Cruz is therefore “disproportionately” white, and blacks are underrepresented. How does Dunn explain this? Is he willing to move away anytime soon to a more egalitarian community?

He could, for instance, move to Chevy Chase, Maryland, the place Chris Matthews calls home. Feel that tingle up your leg? That’s you wetting yourself with laughter after you learn that Matthews recently tried to pass off his town as “majority black” to give himself street cred to his six viewers. Who is more qualified to hear those racist dog whistles than someone who lives in a “majority black” town? Turns out the blonde idiot lives in an upscale suburb that’s nearly 87% white. Oops. You know, for a second, I almost forgot Chris Matthews was white.

Meanwhile, thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the generous link.