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Elton John: George W. Bush and Conservatives 'Amazingly Informed'

Rock legend and AIDS activist Elton John has praised conservatives and former President George W. Bush for being “amazingly informed” on AIDS and for doing more than all others to fight the disease.

John met Bush in 2004 at the Kennedy Honors Center and credits him with doing more than any other president for the AIDS cause. From Yahoo:

“At the Kennedy Center concert we spent some time in the intermission with the President, George Bush, and he was an amazingly informed about AIDS,” John recounted. “He treated us with such kindness. I had so much respect for him, especially when the PEPFAR thing was announced when he gave 15 billion dollars to AIDS. He knew what he was talking about.”


“One of the old adages in life is never judge someone until you meet them,” John said. “I didn’t like his policies but I have to say when I met him, I found him charming, I found him well informed and I found him determined to do something about the AIDS situation so I changed my opinion of him. And his wife was astonishingly kind to us well. So it was — I learned a lesson.”

John wasn’t stingy with his appreciation:

“We’ve seen George W. Bush and conservative American politicians pledge tens of billions to save the lives of Africans with HIV. Think of all the love. Think of where we’d be without it, nowhere, that’s where. We’d be nowhere at all.”

By the way, this isn’t the first time John has shown fearlessness in the face of the entertainment Left. He played at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding and seems to have a good friendship with him. In 2010, John performed in Tel Aviv despite calls from pro-terrorist hucksters to boycott Israel over the Gaza flotilla debacle.

“Shalom, we are so happy to be back here! Ain’t nothing gonna stop us from coming, baby,” John said to his fans, obliquely sniping at those like the pro-terrorist Elvis Costello, who refused to perform in Israel as “a matter of instinct and conscience.”

“We don’t cherry pick our conscience,” John shot back.

This is a man who can think for himself.