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Rights of Man?

Every American male needs to read this article by economist Bill Anderson on the so-called Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), a piece of radical feminist-inspired legislation that has almost entirely abolished due process for those accused of “rape” in the United States.

The ease with which you could be accused and convicted of “rape” in this country approaches the standards of evidence for subversion in Maoist China. Here’s just a taste of the article, which, as a 27-year-old male, terrified me:

“For example, the so-called “rape shield” laws that exist under the VAWA umbrella prevent defendants from entering a lot of exculpatory evidence in the name of “protecting the victims’ privacy.” When combined with the “no drop” policy that the VAWA has encouraged, it becomes extremely difficult even for falsely-accused me to be able to avoid going to prison. (The assumption behind “no drop” is that a recantation of the charges by the original accuser always comes about because of “sexist” pressure placed by the male accusers. In reality, because prosecutors have so many legal weapons, “no drop” pretty much means that even innocent people are going to plead out to something even if there is no evidence except for the original accusation.)”

Anderson was one of the most perspicuous writers around to tackle the Duke Lacrosse non-rape case when that scandal was in full swing. He rehashes some of that dark history here:

“One has to understand how close the Duke students came to being convicted for something that never happened. Although much of the national media (except the NY Times) turned against Nifong after defense attorneys revealed in a December 15, 2006, hearing that Nifong had hidden DNA evidence from the lawyers and had lied to judges during earlier proceedings, Nifong still had the “law” on his side.

First, much of the DNA evidence (that Mangum had the recent DNA of a number of unidentified males in her underwear – none of it belonging to any lacrosse players, despite her description of the alleged attack) fell into the category that Nifong believed would be withheld due to “rape shield” laws. Thus, to him, it was irrelevant even if it did impeach the “victim’s” entire testimony.

Second, because the VAWA did away with the “corroborating evidence,” the fact that there was no DNA evidence to fit Mangum’s original claims was irrelevant; all that was needed for a conviction was tearful testimony from Mangum that Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and David Evans brutally assaulted and raped her, and had the trial been held in Durham, North Carolina, where there still exist a large number of “true believers” in Nifong’s non-evidence, most likely the jurors would have felt the community pressure for a conviction.”

This should scare every American man, but it should also enrage you. How many of you out there are teachers? Professors? Doctors? Coaches? Therapists? Think how easily a woman can say you raped her in those professions. You must understand: NO EVIDENCE is required. You will be cuffed and perp-walked immediately. Anderson demonstrates it; read every article he has ever written on the subject.

We must start pushing back. The bill is up for re-authorization in Congress, and totalitarian activists are already pushing for its passage, using phony feminist rape statistics to bolster their claims (“Even though nearly one in five U.S. women have been raped….” Prima facie nonsense.) Write every member of Congress you can. Get angry. Get angry now.