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Bring Back Internment Camps

As all the subjects of the United States now know, the Supreme Court has upheld the individual mandate component of Obamacare as “constitutional.” This means, in effect, that the Constitution, which was designed to limit the powers of the federal government, has now been interpreted to mean that the only thing to be limited are the limitations themselves. Roll that one over your tongue before swallowing.

Now consider that, in light of this postmodern/Foucauldian conception of “constitutionality,” there are a whole backlog of Supreme Court decisions that are currently not being enforced. Why not? This is positively un-American, I say. These decisions are, after all, constitutional. I hereby propose that we bring back internment camps for Japanese- Americans. Why are we not enforcing Korematsu v. United States (1944)? It has not been overturned by the Supreme Court and is therefore still enforceable. An executive order should be issued immediately to remove all persons of Japanese descent into designated camps as a penalty for not paying taxes to support the insurrection clause.

How do I arrive at this conclusion? Simple. This measure is clearly not a violation of the 14th Amendment, since a part of the federal government’s taxing power is the creation of federal internment prisons, which are necessary and proper for the enforcement of the insurrection clause of Article I, Section 8. Since the tax money of Japanese-Americans has not gone toward the creation of such necessary and proper and constitutional internment prisons since the Second World War, they are clearly withholding their money from the federal government, thus weakening the government’s ability to enforce the insurrection clause. The general welfare of the people is imperiled by this unprecedented act of tax evasion. Therefore, the federal government must act immediately to penalize their refusal to pay such constitutional taxes by enacting a penalty (i.e., internment) for such dereliction.

Next week, I shall prove the following:

(1) That Congress can and should, in light of the Second Amendment, force every American to buy two firearms: one to be used for mandatory well-regulated militia duty, as defined in the Second Amendment, and the other to be used to enforce Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

(2) Suicide for all Americans is Constitutionally mandated by both the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and the double-jeopardy clause.