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BREAKING: "Asian male" attempts to blow up pipeline in Plano, TX neighborhood - UPDATED: Previous bombing attempt?? EXCLUSIVE - NAME??

Early Monday morning residents of a Plano, Texas neighborhood heard an explosion, only to find a severely injured man so far only identified by the Dallas Morning News as “Asian, late 20s to early 40s” who claimed that he had been hit by a car. But they quickly heard hissing from a nearby gas line. FBI later found shrapnel embedded in a fence feet from the pipeline.

WFAA in Dallas reports:

Police said the injured man told them he was jogging when he was struck by a car that fled the scene. He was rushed to a nearby hospital with injuries to his face and upper body.

Investigators determined the man’s story didn’t match his injuries.

They called Atmos Energy when they heard a hissing sound coming from a natural gas pressure control station. But FBI agents and Atmos inspectors found no evidence of tampering.

They did, however, find shrapnel in the fence behind the pipes. The fence was removed to examine for evidence.

Police believe the man, who neighbors describe in his early 20s, may have deliberately set off an explosive device near the gas pipes.

Police are frustrated. The injured man — who is still in critical condition — did not have any identification. They don’t know what his intent was, nor has it been determined what type of device was used.

An updated  report says that the Joint Terrorism Task Force is now directing the investigation and agents have reportedly surrounded a Plano residence.

Photo from WFAA.

UPDATED: A neighbor of the suspect posting on this WFAA article says that the same young man attempted to bomb another pipeline in the neighborhood recently. The neighbor states:

Yes, it is the boy who bombed the gas line at Parker and Coit. He is in a coma at the hospital. He lives next door to us just a couple of miles from where the bomb went off. We spoke to his mom just a few minutes ago and she doesn’t really grasp the magnitude of the the situation.

Still no identification. FBI spokesman has promised more information tomorrow morning.

UPDATE 2: The poster at the WFAA website identifies herself as Christie Miller and says that the suspect lives next door. We know from the reports that the home location is in the 3200 block of Anchor Drive in Plano. According to the Collin County Appraiser’s office, the Millers live at next door neighbors are at 3228 Anchor Drive. The owner’s name according to the county is: CHI SWIA C ETUX FAI T

From the neighbor’s posts we know that the suspect is the son, presumably of the owners. We’ll see what the FBI has to say in the morning.