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Hillary Clinton: 'I will see a woman in the White House'

Bill Clinton saw several women in the White House.

But that’s not what Hillary means.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday the United States will have a female president in her lifetime — but it won’t be her.

Clinton said at a town hall meeting in Kolkata, India, that she wants to see “that final glass ceiling broken,” The Associated Press reported.

“I think that there will be an election that will elect a woman” to the White House, she said.

Clinton added, however, that the American political system is “about the most difficult to navigate, for men and women, particularly for women, but we’re going to keep trying to encourage that final glass ceiling to be broken.”

I’d just like to see someone in the White House who a) loves America, b) knows what they’re doing, and c) will live within the Constitution. Race, gender etc are irrelevant.

I realize those three points are very broad, but Obama has shown that if any of the three are absent in a president — you pick which of the three are absent, and you can pick more than one — we’re inviting disaster.