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Obama Stumbles on Falklands, the Press Mocks . . . Bush

Drudge has a headline today that reads “Obama Makes Falklands Gaffe.” Here is the leader and subheading that greet you when you open the link to The U.K’s Telegraph (bold emphasis mine):

Barack Obama makes Falklands gaffe by calling Malvinas the Maldives

Barack Obama made an uncharacteristic error, more akin to those of his predecessor George W Bush, by referring to the Falkland Islands as the Maldives.

Even the British press is in the tank for this guy!

For fun, peruse the comments section to see how THE PEOPLE feel about Obama as opposed to the fawning press. Seems Barrack is even less popular in England than he is with the majority of citizens in the US. Most comments attack the writer for his misuse of “uncharacteristic” while reminding him about Obama-isms such as fifty-seven states, corpsemen, intercontinental railroad, speaking ‘Austrian’ etc.

Biden vs. Obama (sans teleprompter) in Jeopardy – who do you think would win?

(More interesting – would either finish with plus money?)