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2012 Election is Not a Spectator Sport

For all practical purposes, the November 2012 election is happening now.  Issues of election integrity, and voter fraud are going to be decided in the springtime, not on election day.  Problems with ineligible voters on the rolls, and plans to deploy election observers are being made now, not in October.  And True the Vote is holding its National Summit April 27-28, and who better to speak about election vulnerabilities than James O’Keefe.

The True the Vote Summit is in Houston, Texas, April 27 and 28 and you can register and see all the speakers here.  I’ll have a free signed copy of Injustice to the first new attendee in Houston that mentions to me they read PJ Media. (Repeat attendees do not count.)

I will be speaking along with John Fund and Pat Caddell of Fox News, and many more.  But perhaps the best speaker of the weekend is former Representative Artur Davis.  A Democrat, Davis was formerly a critic of voter identification laws, but after he left Congress, has blown the whistle on how the left uses opposition to voter ID to facilitate voter fraud.  He saw it in his own Congressional district, a story I wrote about in Injustice.

But the Summit is about more than being entertained by speakers.  It is about turning the 2012 election into something more than a spectator sport.  Attendees will learn the nuts and bolts – how to get involved in election integrity efforts across the nation, how to review voter rolls for problems, and how to participate in election day monitoring programs to records illegal and improper behavior at the polls. True the Vote has a record of success unmatched by any other organization.  Anyone who complains about voter fraud or election integrity should join up.

If not in 2012, when?