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For Purposes of The Narrative, Hispanics Are Honorary Whites

Some PJ readers have correctly pointed out that, in the case of the Trayvon Martin killing, the left-wing cultural establishment now all of a sudden considers Hispanics to be honorary whites. This is, of course, a temporary designation. Under normal circumstances (i.e., discussions of immigration laws, welfare, etc.) Hispanics are lumped in with other “persons of color.” When it serves The Narrative, however, Hispanics are wrenched out of this larger category and said to be “white.” Since The Narrative must be preserved at all costs, logic be damned, this leads to odd thought contortions.

Here’s a little experiment: Find any left-wing proponent of The Narrative, visit his or her commentary on the Martin shooting, and check out the comments section. You’ll likely find commenters saying things such as the following, which I found last week in the comments thread of Charles M. Blow’s column at the New York Times:

“The police are there to protect the rich and powerful (think white). I’m sure they believe they are doing their job by protecting Zimmerman.

I say this as a privileged white male. I little doubt that if I was black and had tried to lead the same life I’ve lead I would have landed up in a lot of ‘trouble’ with the police.”

Here was another typical Blow reader:

“This is part of this country’s legacy of terrorism toward Blacks and Latinos.”

The racist white police protecting a Hispanic shooter? We’re not supposed to notice how ridiculous this is. One notices the near-universal attempt to turn this into a Manichean “whites v. people of color” story. The problems begin immediately once you lump Trayvon Martin in with all other “people of color,” since it was precisely a “person of color” who shot him. What’s a progressive to do? Condemn the minority? Broach the uncomfortable discussion of minority-on-minority violence in this country, which is epidemic in urban areas? No: better to continue as though the shooter were white anyway. Keep The Narrative going.