The PJ Tatler

Russia Jumps the Shark

Russian media have reported that Russian military units (dubbed “anti-terror” troops) have moved into Syria to help reinforce the regime of Putin’s comrade-in-arms, Bashar al-Assad.

One wonders what took so long. After months of billion-dollar arms sales and stonewalling the U.N. Security Council, it was only natural that the Kremlin would consummate the relationship with the blood of civilians.

Since Hillary Clinton agrees with Vogue magazine that Assad and his couture-wearing trophy wife are “reformers,” maybe the U.S. should contribute “anti-terror” units to the shelling of Homs as well.

In all seriousness, I’m waiting for the radical left to spin this development as some sort of new “anti-imperial” union, a counterweight to the U.S. juggernaut–sort of like Nasser’s United Arab Republic. Let me know when the first such piece is written by Alexander Cockburn, Tariq Ali, Glenn Greenwald, et. al.