The PJ Tatler

breitbart (verb)

breitbart (BRIGHT-bart)
v. breitbarted, breitbarting, breitbarts

1. To destroy an argument; fisk: “Yo man did you see Bill Maher last night? His argument on healthcare was breitbarted by P.J. O’Rourke.”
2. To confront someone with undeniable empirical proof of an event: “The defendant denied the charges, but the prosecution breitbarted him with video proof of the crime.”
3. An unmitigated display of testicular fortitude: “That girl turned me down for a date, so I breitbarted her by showing up at her house and playing Peter Gabriel tunes outside her window.”
4. To dominate a situation by way of aggressive tactics: “The professor tried to intimidate the student with Noam Chomsky books, but the student breitbarted the class by quoting Thomas Sowell.”
5. To unveil fraudulence and sophistry: “I tried to pass off a counterfeit bill on the cashier, but I was breitbarted when he used that special marker on it.”