The PJ Tatler

The People v. Your Subconscious

Is it possible to go even one day without reading a story about “racism”? I submit that it is not. If I’m reading this story correctly, there is a class-action suit pending in Iowa in which

[t]he plaintiffs — up to 6,000 African-Americans passed over for state jobs and promotions dating back to 2003 — do not say they faced overt racism or discriminatory hiring tests in Iowa, a state that is 91 percent white. Instead, their lawyers argue that managers subconsciously favored whites across state government, leaving blacks at a disadvantage in decisions over who got interviewed, hired and promoted.

You may now be sued for actions that are notional or speculative: if they cannot be demonstrated empirically, they are still presumed to have occurred on some subcellular level. You are guilty by reason of metaphysics.