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The Fraud of "Hate Crimes" Laws

Anti-white “flashmobs,” deftly hidden by Big Media, have struck again, this time in Philadelphia, where a large  group of black teenagers beat a white cab driver and his white college-age passenger while they were stopped at an intersection.

The execrable Philly D.A., however, has announced that the attackers will not be charged with committing hate crimes. City of brotherly love, indeed.

I vigorously oppose “hate crimes” laws not only for their intrinsic absurdity—white-on-white revenge murder is not a hate crime, but white-on-black revenge murder would be?—but because the criteria for what constitutes a “hate crime” can be expanded or contracted infinitely on an ad hoc basis, ensuring that the 14th amendment is in a perpetual state of debauchery.

You actually can read the young passenger’s account of the incident here.