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Days of Rage: The "Protesters" Want the Police to Hurt Them

The next chapter in America’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution is unfolding. The excremental “Occupy Wall Street” movement is now working to clog up the New York City subway system. Several friends of mine have let me know that workers’ morning commutes are being stymied by the bums of Zuccotti Park. My Facebook page is filled with complaints from people who work in Manhattan and who are fed up with the tactics of the Wall Street stormtroopers; many of these people are themselves liberals who originally supported the movement.

That the “protesters” are willing to ruin the lives of those whom they claim to represent shouldn’t come as a surprise. All radical, mass-action movements are essentially criminal, as they gain most of their power from the most disaffected and parasitic members of society. What we also need to realize is that this is all geared, in true millennial fashion, toward sparking some type of apocalyptic showdown between the police (who represent The Man) and the “protesters.” You must understand: They want another Kent State. This is their goal; it will firmly establish, to them, their rightful place in revolutionary history. It also fulfills a key component of their self-fulfilling prophecy: that the police are nothing more than armed capitalist agents who attack even “peaceful” protesters.