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99% Clueless: Mr. Schiff goes to Wall Street (Update: Video Added)

Peter Schiff, who has the Milton Friedman-like ability to neutralize stupidity with almost no effort, has done it again. Please view this delicious footage from Schiff’s recent visit to Wall Street, where he confronted the proponents of state-sponsored theft whom the media like to call “protesters.” John Hayward of Human Events describes the dialogue thus:

The ensuing encounter is a master class on what happens when a serenely confident man, with full command of the facts, talks to a passionate mob of clueless wonders who don’t know a thing about their supposed cause, and don’t think they should have to.

The radical method of argumentation is based on a cocktail of guilt, intimidation, and unbridled emotionalism. When in doubt, shout. This works on scared undergraduates at a Chomsky lecture, but it doesn’t work on people like Schiff. Like a skilled aikido practitioner, he uses the group’s negative energy against them: He remains calm. He asks questions they can’t answer. He throws their “fair share” logic back in their faces. Enjoy.