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Last Word? Not a Chance.

The blank T-1000 stare into the camera. The almost sociopathic absence of any emotion except selfish rage. The dead, baggy eyes. The pasty visage of an aging Brahmin. Picture Conan O’Brien: now take away the youthful pep, the conviviality, the range of emotion, and the talent.

How creepy is Lawrence O’Donnell?

In his disgraceful “interview” with Herman Cain, Larry made much ado about Cain’s work as an analyst for the Department of the Navy during the Vietnam War. This offended Larry because analysts didn’t shoot Vietnamese people, and Larry only likes people who physically fought in a war he probably opposed anyway. (Though if Cain had been on the front lines, Larry would have accused him of engineering My Lai.)

By the way, where was Larry during the Vietnam War? At Harvard, of course.