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August 20: Lemonade Freedom Day

The trend of local governments shutting down children’s summertime lemonade stands is one that’s worth resisting. And resisting it is easy — here are the details.

Recently, we have seen many news reports of lemonade stands being shut down by police and other government workers. When kids sell things, such as lemonade, they are learning some very important lessons. They are learning about money and about being an entrepreneur. They are also learning how to be a productive member of society. They are learning about responsibility. They are participating in free and voluntary trade with willing participants. Selling lemonade is not a crime.

On August 20, 2011, we are suggesting that everyone who has children, who believe in this message, go outside and set up lemonade stands all across the country. Even if you don’t have children, go out and buy some lemonade from a local child’s lemonade stand.

We need to stand up for our kids. We need to send a message to the world. Selling lemonade is not a crime!

In the world we’re hurtling toward, the little girl in this Verizon ad would end up jacked up by the local SWAT team rather than running a successful lemonade conglomerate.

And check this out. Other than the national debt and all those scary charts depicting our lack of an economy, it’s the most annoying thing you’ll see today. It’s a map of where governments have gone thug and shut down kids’ lemonade stands. I’m ashamed to note that one is even in Texas (though it’s in a Democrat-controlled area).

When police go out on coordinated lemonade stand raids, as they did on August 1 in Coralville, IA, we have a serious problem of government being out of control. It’s time to fight back, with a cool cup of lemonade.

(h/t Mark Steyn)