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It's Friday in Syria

And therefore hundreds of thousands of anti-regime demonstrators have taken to the streets, calling for the end of the Assad family tyranny.  Among them, in the city of Homs, are a hundred or so defectors from the Army (according to Al Jazeera).

And still there is no American support for the Syrian people, any more than there was or is for the Iranian people.  Yes, I know it’s all about money 24/7, but the future of the world is also being fought out in the streets of our enemies’ countries, and it behooves at least some of our “leaders,” above all those who claim standing to be our next president, to demand action against regimes that kill their own people (as the Valkyries promised they would, and as various pundits claimed Obama had decided) and ours.

Real action.  Starting with clear words and continuing with real support for the revolutionaries.