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Steve Jobs fights adultery in the post-Weinergate world

Yesterday Bryan P. expressed some nervousness about Apple’s forthcoming iCloud, calling it iCreepy for its Big Brother-like intrusion into our lives.

Not me. I’d easily give up what passes for my privacy (as if I had any) for the ability to listen to my old Chuck Berry albums on demand on multiple devices. But I admit I’m an (aging) Apple fanboy and long ago moved from PC to Mac for two simple reasons: 1. They look better. 2. They work better – and together.

But there is a side benefit to the iCloud in this post-Weinergate world. Forget coke deals. Forget al-Qaeda. As we all know, 99.99% of the secret stuff that goes on online is hanky-panky. And 33.33% of that is Anthony Weiner. Although he’s out of the game – for the next few weeks anyway – that leaves a sizable amount of extra-marital activity potentially wafting up to the clouds and down again. But this is sure to slow down because Big Steve is watching.

Think of the benefit to the body politic with all the randy politicians finally paying some attention to their work. (Okay, well, maybe it’s better that they don’t do that. But at least they won’t be subject to coercion by foreign intelligence agencies or organized crime.)

Now for those of you who say they can always use Blackberrys. I say – fuhgeddaboutid. Have you seen pix of that Apple server farm down in North Carolina? The Blackberry has just gone the way of the portable typewriter.