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Federal government busy protecting you from dangerous criminals (NOT!)

A “yearlong sting” has resulted in the federal government going to court to stop a dangerous violator of federal interstate commerce law.

The violation? Rainbow Acres Farm, in Pennsylvania, has been selling “contraband” raw milk to willing customers in DC and Maryland.

The FDA believes “raw milk should never be consumed” because it could contain harmful bacteria.

(Sound familiar? Guns should be banned because innocent people could get hurt.)

No cases were cited where Rainbow Acres customers became ill.

Curiously, raw milk is important to the left, but the only news agencies reporting this story are the “right-wing” Washington Times and England’s Daily Mail. (Yeah, Fox Snooze blogged it, complete with an unrelated picture of government agents breaking down a door.) Is this because of customers’ outrage resulting against the government for thuggish behavior? This could cause mental disintegration for big-government liberals. Or is it their centers of feeling crashing into their self-esteem?

Meanwhile, the ATF is busy supplying guns to Mexican drug cartels. At least they don’t have RAW MILK there!!!

Meanwhile, Boehner & Company made no budget cuts to the FDA or ATF.