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Democratic Texas legislator proposes bill to destroy democratic process

Texas state Representative Trey Martinez Fischer (D-116) authored HB 2752, which would empower a political party’s state executive committee to remove county chairs, which are currently elected and removed by local elections. Fischer’s top-down approach implies that voters are too incompetent to be entrusted with managing local representatives.

It also means that county chairs will be beholden to their state executive committee, not constituents.

Fischer’s official biography says he’s “a rising leader in the Democratic Party,” and “chairman of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus.” It’s curious that he labels himself Mexican first and American second.

Mexico also has a top-down political approach. After President Calderon declared war on the drug cartels, Mexico’s murder rate increased. Curiously, Mexico’s political leaders are all Blancos (European descent). (E.g. presidents Calderon, Fox, Zedillo, Salinas,  Madrid.)

When I used to vacation in Mexico, Blancos managed the resorts. Light-skinned Mestizos worked behind the desk and occupied jobs where employees interacted with guests. Dark-skinned Mestizos performed maintenance.

Fischer’s 2010 NRA grade was B-, which for Texas is as bad as an F. Gun control is inherently racist in its outcomes.

Now, I’m not saying Fischer’s racist. Perhaps it’s just coincidence he:

  • Wants to impose political cronyism that has kept Mexico’s Blancos in power.
  • Supports gun control policies shown harmful to minorities.

Tell your legislators today to vote NO on HB 2752.