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When women disappear from American cities, how to respond?

If you are not a reader of Michelle Malkin’s website, you might not know that she and her family are going through an awful ordeal.  It is chilling and tragic: Malkin’s cousin Marizela Perez has been missing for the last month from Seattle.  Malkin has been devoting long hours helping with the search for Perez.  Sadly, it turns out she is not alone.  Other women have gone missing in the Pacific Northwest.  The helpless swirl of searching, looking at hundreds of faces, asking and hearing “no” so many times would be more than most of us could handle. Fewer resources exist for finding missing adults, in comparison to missing children.   When people simply vanish off a Seattle street, it is something that concerns us all.  One way people respond is to devote long hours to the search, doing what the police either will not do, or don’t have the resources to do.