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Debate on Texas sonogram bill gets absurd (Update: You wanna see 'invasive'?)

The Texas House is debating a bill today that would require women who seek to get an abortion to get a sonogram or ultrasound and hear the heartbeat first. And the objection to the bill? Opponents are arguing that the sonogram is “too invasive.”


The bill may get a floor vote today. The Senate already passed a similar bill back in February.

Update: For purposes of discussion, state Rep. Carol Alvarado (D-Dist 145), who opposes the sonogram bill, waved around a wand that doctors use to perform sonograms. Here’s something she didn’t wave around. Click to enlarge.

“Manual Vaccum Aspiration – MVA is used to abort a child from 6 weeks to 12 weeks of age. This handheld syringe works by creating its own vacuum/suction. MVAs are used and reused millions of times a year around the world. The major problem with the MVA is that it has a very weak vacuum. This means that the child is ripped apart slowly.”

We’re not going to turn the Tatler into a pro/con abortion debate blog per se, but really, if you wanna see “invasive,” it doesn’t get much more invasive than the MVA. Opponents of the bill are going to have to come up with a better argument than the one they’ve chosen.