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JournoLister Dave Weigel yawns at Planned Parenthood sting videos

Slublog, blogging at Ace’s site, expends quite a few pixels taking on Dave Weigel’s lackadaisical take on the Live Action sting videos. Here’s really all you need to know about Weigel: He was a JournoList member in good standing. He took a job at the Washington Post to blog the conservative movement as if he was a friendly, all the while he was actually not only hostile, he was conspiring with other hostiles who had aligned themselves to tear down conservatives. He went on from there to be a Soros bot until that money dried up. Now he’s at Slate, where it’s evidently impossible to be too compromised to get a job as long as you’re on the left’s team. This is not someone whose analysis is to be trusted again, ever. So when he raises his head and yawns that an entity that takes about $300 million per year in taxpayer money evidently flouts the law in multiple states, he is to be mocked for the hack that he is. I mean, let’s take but one look at just how solid Weigel’s Planned Parenthood defense really is. He says:

The LiveAction videos aren’t so powerful. Planned Parenthood has fired one of the accidental stars of the videos, but only two state attorneys general have made noise about investigating Planned Parenthood, in New Jersey and Virginia.

You know, Dave, I’m just spitballin’ here, but when that paragraph was written, there were only two states where PP clinics had been stung and the videos had been released. The Bronx video wasn’t out yet, or if it was, New York State hadn’t had much time to react. Another way to spin the above could read something like this:

The LiveAction videos are so powerful that they have a smashing success rate in spawning investigations in each state where the group has released an undercover video.

That’s a little stronger, and also happens to be true, at least until New York decides one way or the other. Weigel’s analysis just happens to align with what his friends at Media Matters wanted liberal bloggers to say about the whole affair. Again, that’s not evidence that his analysis is worth anything or worthy of being taken at face value. It’s just evidence that he’s still playing on the same team he was playing for when he was claiming he wasn’t.

Update: Oops, I got the timeline wrong. Weigel was a Soros bot before he went to the Post.