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voting rights

A judge orders discovery to proceed in the Lois Lerner scandal.
“We need to reform the referendum process and we need to return to a representative government,” LePage argues.
Chewing gum in court, bigotry against Southerners.
Shady sabotage of voter ID laws
If the feds can institute it, they can later ban it, too.
Virginia governor jokes about going to jail like MLK.
Predicts "we're going to see people of merit rise up from every race, faith" in Oval Office.
Says the voter ID system is "not working at its maximum."
Former attorney general confident that voters "skew Democratic" if you go issue by issue.
One calls Sharpton "racist" for opposing voter ID.
Civil rights activists call for a delay of Tuesday and Wednesday hearing.
Former chief counsel to Senate Judiciary Committee debunks politicized racism charges.