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Silly Senate rule slowing Trump agenda
"Redistricting, gerrymandering, working against voter I.D. laws for our elections..."
ACLU suing over tens of thousands of scrapped 2016 election ballots, rejected as voter signatures didn’t match registration card handwriting.
Parody or not? Hard to tell.
A Soros-funded network activates to hide voter fraud.
Lundergan Grimes says Trump's election commission collecting info for “foreign actors seeking to destroy American democracy.”
Padilla says request for vast voter data is "going to insert more vulnerability into our elections."
"The District of Columbia will not be party to this blatant effort to intimidate voters,” vows councilman.
A "massive effort" in fact!
“I’ve never seen a time like this, where we as a nation are battling inequality, racism, bigotry, xenophobia."
Trump's voter fraud commission meets resistance asking states for extensive data.