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vote fraud

We need to stop futzing with the margins and earn more votes.
Virginia and Pennsylvania election administration documents reveal the names of over 1,000 aliens who registered to vote or voted while government officials try to hide the information or laugh it off.
Johnson says voting machines deserve same federal protection as power grid and water supply.
Dem operative with ties to Clintons behind voter registration organization raided by Indiana State Police.
Creating an environment for criminals to rig elections
Detectives say a group called the Indiana Voter Registration Project has been turning in forged voter registration applications.
"Don't say that."
...And he's a Democrat.
"Fraud is a nonexistent problem in our country — there is little to no evidence that vote fraud exists."
Plus, watch footage from his Senate election debate victory.
Says statements don't "really show the kind of leadership and toughness that you want out of a president."
Cole: "The people at the precincts are usually volunteers. They are your friends and neighbors."