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Industry association recognized rental counters as "often the first line of defense" from attack.
Spokesman says anger in the ranks was due to potential reduction in terrorist attack "which will deprive them from martyrdom."
Schumer and Flake's Gang of 8 would have made it worse.
Terror group resurrects claim for Las Vegas attack, stating Manhattan "one of the most prominent attacks" since "martyr" Paddock.
Climate scientist condemns death threats against EPA head Scott Pruitt.
"Ethnocentric nationalism..."
But Flake fires back at president, noting Gang of 8 immigration bill with Schumer did away with diversity program.
"The last thing we should do is start casting aspersions on whole races of people, or whole religions, or whole nations," say de Blasio.
"Send him to Gitmo."
What about all those infidel doctors who saved him...?
"Our lone wolves will come to you," media channel vows as no official ISIS claim.