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loretta lynch

Conyers decries "social racism that brands too many black citizens as predators."
DOJ personnel to be in "at least as many states as in 2012, despite the setback" of Supreme Court ruling.
"These times are akin to the civil rights era of 50 years ago," says attorney general.
"Particularly in those locations where voters have historically experienced discrimination or intimidation."
Two officers were ambushed in early morning hours; suspect known to cops in custody.
Casey says poll-watching calls "are more than wrong and irresponsible; if executed, they could be illegal."
Even Dana Bash wouldn't let him get away with that lie...
A judge orders discovery to proceed in the Lois Lerner scandal.
And other big moments from the first hour of his testimony...
Former attorney general found Fourth Amendment violations in his department; McCarthy says "politics played way too much of a role" in DOJ probe.
Democrats tolerated unprecedented obstruction for eight years.