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Odd to you, maybe. A slice of normal for him.
Here's the timeline of how it went down, according to the harmony in the four Gospels.
Standards, who needs 'em, right?
About the fall of humanity...
A Trump rally is like a religious ritual.
Unrepentant sinner attacks clergyman for calling him an unrepentant sinner.
Could The Donald be God's agent to return America to Him? Maybe, but I'm not staking the election on it.
Cheaper than Cross Fit.
Translations have brackets around John 7:53-8:11, suggesting it is not original. Are they right?
Youth pastor stripped to his underwear and danced for the women in the crowd.
Sin puts you at enmity with God. In the absence of repentance, God hates the sinner.
Póg mo thóin.