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Report to UN sanctions committee found "evidence of a consistent trend on the part of the DPRK to disperse its assembly, storage, and testing locations."
North Korea, Russia, Syria, and ISIS "have all used chemical weapons over the past two years, which threatens international norms and may portend future use."
Schumer said info "reinforced the need for a strong response" and argued Haspel "should brief the full Senate without delay.”
Many senators requested that CIA Director Gina Haspel appear at a Khashoggi case briefing, but the administration sent Pompeo and Mattis to Capitol Hill.
The Senate is expected to vote this week on a bill to pull U.S. support from the Saudis in Yemen, unless Trump declares war. 
With prominent links to Iran and China. Why are we just hearing about this now?
"I'm still waiting to hear. They have my contact information. But I have not yet heard yet," former CIA director says of lack of contact from government.
"Threats of similar action against other former officials has nothing to do with who should and should not hold security clearances – and everything to do with an attempt to stifle free speech."
President cites former CIA director's "erratic conduct" after Brennan tweets that Trump's conduct is "so dangerous for our nation."