History In The News Lecture #8: Reaganism: Its Myths and Realities


Ronald Regan, Myth and Reality: The mythology surrounding Ronald Reagan obscures the reality that he was neither a die-hard conservative nor a dangerous reactionary, but a gifted traditionalist, whose mastery of compromise, communication skills and pragmatism allowed him to enact what was possible rather than dream about what was not.

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Journalists like to think that they’re writing the first rough draft of history, but in fact, their stories often just recycle forgotten plotlines from long-ago conflicts. In History in the News, noted historian Victor Davis Hanson shows how today’s headlines tend to reflect yesterday’s news, whether they concern Germany’s resurgence or America’s cultural influence or the challenge of fighting an enemy who does not play by the rules. Confucius had it right: To learn about the future, study the past.

This is Lecture #8 in an eight-part series from PJ Media’s Victor Davis Hanson Lecture Series Collection.

History In The News was written by author and historian Victor Davis Hanson. The video was produced by PJ Media, LLC (www.pjmedia.com) and is offered on Amazon.com.