Economics in One Lesson


“Economics in One Lesson” produced by PJ Media, LLC, offers you a college course by conversation, not lecture. Host Allen Barton leads the Ayn Rand Institute’s Yaron Brook, and Terry Jones of Investors’ Business Daily, in three-minute chats about each of the 24 chapters of Henry Hazlitt’s best-selling little economics book. Get powerful concepts in plain language for busy people.

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Ever wonder why economist predictions are wrong so often? Have you scratched your head as they rattled on with incomprehensible jargon that seems divorced from real life? Did you struggle through your last econ course?

Perhaps those economists and academics haven’t taken to heart Henry Hazlitt’s classic, best-selling little book, “Economics in One Lesson.” Now, you can get a quick, better-than-college course on economics, in bite-sized chunks of plain language. It’s not a lecture series, it’s a conversation.

You’ll cut through the mumbo-jumbo with help from Hazlitt and in-studio panelists Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute, and Terry Jones of Investor’s Business Daily — economic experts who know how to talk to real people.

Debunk the “broken window” and “blessings of destruction” fallacies. Learn who’s protected by high tariffs, and why it’s foolish to hope for full employment. After taking this course, you’ll be able to explain the dangers of government price-fixing and minimum wage laws, as well as the real impact of labor union efforts to increase wages.

Is inflation a looming threat? Can government really save an industry? What is wealth, and how is it created? Host Allen Barton leads Brook and Jones in a series of frank conversations that answer these, and many other questions.

You’ve always known that New York Times economics writers were kooky. Now, you can explain why, in terms your friends and family will understand.