World War II Lecture #4: The Allies On The Offensive (March 1942 – March 1945)


On the defensive early in World War II, the Allies claimed key victories in 1942. This reversal of fortunes, along with an edge in industrial production and wartime technology, led the Allies to take the war to the Axis homelands. Victor Davis Hanson guides viewers through the Allied invasion of Italy, the island-hopping toward Japan and the landing at Normandy.

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The enormity of World War II in history is staggering. It encompassed 17 different wars, included conflict on every continent, and led to three great holocausts in Germany, China and Russia. Fifty million to 70 million people were killed, more than in any other war or any other event in European history since the Bubonic plague. “World War II permeates history in the 20th century, and it permeates the past, present and future of Western civilizations,” says Victor Davis Hanson. Explore the war through his insights in our six-part lecture series.


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